Blue Raspberry
Cannabis Infused Craft Soda

Remember when school let out for the summer, and you raced to the corner store for an ice-cold blue raspberry icee? The way it slowly moved up the straw until the sweet, sugary taste hit your tongue, causing your mind to instantly explode from pure excitement? Well, this cannabis-infused soda is kind of like that, but for adults.

Using pure cane sugar and natural flavorings, we’ve elevated the nostalgic flavor of this classic summer treat to a new level of refreshing. Bursting with the taste of juicy berries and bubbles for days, our blue raspberry soda melts away your worries and makes any day feel like summer.

To top it off, we only use the finest cannabis concentrates from Phenotech so that you get the best of both worlds: unbeatable flavor and incredible effects.

Feelings: Balanced, relaxed, happy

Usage: Pick-me-up, vibing out, mood boost

Available in 10mg or 100mg THC


Yes. Our signature carbonated beverages contain THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant) and other natural terpenes so you will experience a “high”. If you’re new to weed, start slow until you know how edibles may affect you.

The perfect dose is different for everyone. It depends on various factors like how often you consume cannabis and your individual physical attributes. As a rule of thumb, you always want to start low and go slow until you know what dosage is right for you.

If you start with a smaller dosage, you can gradually increase the amount of THC until the effects feel juuuust right.

Pro-tip: Make sure to wait at least 90 minutes before consuming more.

Terpenes are naturally occurring molecules that give cannabis buds and many other plants their unforgettable scent. In nature, these aromatic molecules are designed to ward off pests but they also have another important role to play.

We now know that terpenes help influence the effects you might experience. For example, limonene is known for its zesty smell like that found in citrus like lemons and limes. Hence, the name. It is said that this terpene boosts your energy and awakens the senses. Linalool is another common terpene, also found in lavender, that offers an herbaceous floral aroma and deeply relaxing properties.

​​It can vary widely depending on the dosage and your own unique biochemistry, but in general, the average edible high can last for 6 or more hours—much longer than when you smoke weed. That is why it is important to know your tolerance to have a comfortable experience. If you dose yourself properly, you’re in for a fun, well-balanced high that lasts for hours.

Overstep your limits and you might find yourself feeling a little too high—but don’t panic. There are many different things you can do to mitigate the effects of THC. First, make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. You may also want to have a healthy snack or a meal to fill your stomach.

In addition, one of the most effective ways to combat too much THC, is by taking some CBD. Short for cannabidiol, this non-psychoactive cannabinoid may help calm your mind and ease any worries so you can ride out your high with a positive attitude.

After trying these techniques, give it some time. Edibles can take several hours to leave your system. You’ll likely feel good as new by morning.