10 Benefits of Drinking Cannabis Beverages

You’ve heard of cannabis pens and you’ve heard of cannabis gummies but have you heard of cannabis drinks? THC-infused drinks are a refreshing and innovative future to experience. According to Fortune business insights, 2020 was a breakout year for cannabis beverages. Some of the top tasting and best-selling brands on sale in the California market include Cann, Nectr, and Viv & Oak.

These drinks are blended with wine, soda, or tea, and can be carbonated or noncarbonated. The idea is to have a more healthy alcohol alternative that is fun, satisfying, and tasty! Most of these drinks are produced in California with a low dose of THC/ CBD therefore not harmful if you have more than one drink. So how does drinking cannabis compare to eating or smoking it?
Cannabis drink sitting on white sheet

Cannabis drinks provide a more social experience than smoking or vaping.

Unlike smoking, you do not need to find a designated area to enjoy your cannabis. This makes for a more social experience and affords the option of being indoors and away from the elements. You also do not have to worry about bothering others with second-hand smoke!

Cannabis drinks offer the opportunity to genuinely enjoy them in a fashion we have been accustomed to with alcoholic beverages.

Forget indulging with a single gummy or piece of candy, you can casually drink your cannabis beverage and not have to limit yourself. You can peacefully know you can drink a full 12oz and feel good without feeling like you overdid it on the dosing.

Cannabis beverages provide a quicker uptake than edibles

A quicker uptake means less time waiting for the relaxing effects of the entourage effect to kick in and more time having fun. Experience pain relief almost instantly, a relaxed whole body feeling accompanied by an uplifted mood. The absorption can occur quicker than the digestion of food which makes for a quicker high than eating baked goods or candy.

Cannabis beverages are a good option for new consumers

New consumers might be nervous about getting “ too high”. These low-dose drinks are a great way to sip slowly and enjoy the effects progressively. One gummy can get you high, while it takes a full serving of beverage to have the same effect.

Cannabis beverages are a Sleep Aid

Liquid edibles and cannabis tea is a great before-bed sleep aid that relaxes your body and mind after a long day. Take right before bed or drink after dinner to induce sleepy vibes and promote overall wellness.

Cannabis beverages offer Pain relief and relieve stress

While smoking cannabis may produce mind-altering effects that most people are wary of, drinking cannabis beverages can help with stabilizing mood and helping to relieve emotional symptoms associated with chronic illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Cannabis beverages reduce Inflammation in the body

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, has been found to reduce inflammation associated with many autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and lupus. It also helps to temper the body’s immune system making it less likely to attack itself.

Cannabis beverages are a Great Alternative To Alcohol

If you and alcohol do not mix you can now fit in with a cannabis drink in your hand at the party. Ease your stress and calm your anxiety with a low-dose THC drink and no one can tell the difference!

A Cannabis beverage can Improve your Mood

The effect of a low-dose full-spectrum cannabis beverage is to reduce stress, relax your muscles and promote a pleasant moderate-high. The product can assist with stabilizing mood and helping to relieve emotional symptoms associated with chronic illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Cannabis beverages make great Mixers because they are Compatible with Other Flavors (Creative Drinks)

You can have a lot of flexibility with how you can consume cannabis beverages. Simply pour it over ice, get creative and mix one with one of your favorite non-alcoholic beverages for a custom cannabis concoction. Add them to your cooking or baking recipes for a tasty cannabis treat or enjoy them over ice cream for a nostalgic ice cream float. The cannabis drink world is your oyster!