4 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis Beverages Into Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, and start to 2022! It’s been a wild year, and we’re thrilled for new beginnings – even if they are metaphorical. We know New Year resolutions aren’t for everybody. While some appreciate the new chapter as an opportunity to optimize their goals and routines, others feel like resolutions are overinflated. If you’re someone who is looking to find new and creative ways to learn, grow, and incorporate cannabis into your life in more meaningful or intentional ways in 2022, we’ve got four resolutions that deserve a spot on your list. It just so happens that they all include an Olala THC-infused soda. It may sound silly now, but these resolutions will help build you as a person and include cannabis beverages. So to kick things off the right way, let’s start with gratitude that in the state of California, you can make resolutions that include California cannabis drinks at all. 


  1. Use cannabis drinks in your self-care routine

Nothing says “I’m committed to self care in 2022” like having a pack of icy California marijuana drinks on hand to accompany your self care activities. If you’re new to the concept of self care (or have avoided doing it for a long time), it’s essentially the act of parenting yourself. Things like: gifting yourself with a great night of sleep (instead of revenge scrolling), doing a hobby you love (instead of pinning things about the thing you love on pinterest), or routinely hosting your own at-home spa night (instead of flash showering once every 4 days). 


Self care is a combination of making healthy choices, pampering yourself, and setting healthy boundaries in your life. Incorporating a cannabis drink into your self-care routine can look like a lot of things. Pair a cannabis-infused soda with your bubble bath and book. Crack open a cannabis pop before you walk your dog. Enjoy carbonated full-spectrum cannabinoids after a tough workout. When you do things, like consume THC-infused beverages, with intention, they start to look a hell of a lot like self care activities. 


  1. Focus on generosity by gifting a cannabis beverage to a friend 

If there’s ever a time to level up on your generosity game, it was yesterday. But don’t worry, you can start today. Life is too short to be greedy or even just content with serving ourselves. At some point in your life, you may experience true generosity – either by a stranger or a loved one. That selfless act will feel emotional. Overwhelming. Raw. Undeserved. And yet, there you’ll be. Gifted with someone’s kindness and changed forever because of it. 


You also have the opportunity to gift that feeling to someone else, and you may be surprised that it feels just as good – if not better – to give. Start with something small like paying for a stranger’s coffee, or gifting a friend with a bottle of Olala cannabis soda. You never know what ripples of kindness may come from your generosity, and the opportunities you’ll find to become more generous. 


  1. Use cannabis drinks to inspire your creativity

Cannabis has been a tool for creativity, introflection, and exploration for millions of humans for centuries – and for some of the greatest minds throughout history. Public figures like Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, and Maya Angelou all famously relied on cannabis to enjoy life and find inspiration. 


The uplifting euphoria, calming sensations, and creative triggers are what make cannabis such a great compliment to the activities you love. In fact, studies have shown that moderate cannabis consumption increases regional cerebral blood flow. Especially to the frontal lobes and cerebellum (among others). The frontal lobe is where creative divergent thinking happens, which is why the increased blood flow may make you feel more creative or introspective.  


The next time you’re going to take part in your favorite hobby, bring along a cannabis drink with THC. Then, as you draw, skate, play, paint, sing, or dance, let the full-spectrum cannabinoids in Olala cannabis soda fuel your creativity and free you from the square box society has convinced you to remain in. 


  1. Utilize cannabis sodas to cut back on alcohol

If you’re thinking about cutting back on alcohol, January is the perfect month to start. Dry January has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason! The initiative helps people to reclaim their lives from the grips of alcohol and regain a hold of their health. 


According to the Harvard School of Health, reducing your alcohol intake can improve memory, sleep, and weight loss, while also reducing bloat, headaches, and hangovers. On the more serious side, excessive drinking can cause inflammation of the liver, increase blood pressure, damage heart muscle, and increase your chance of developing several different cancers. If you’ve been a heavy drinker for a while, and are ready to reduce your intake, create a plan with the help of your doctor. Quitting cold turkey can lead to withdrawals which can be hazardous to your health. 


If you want a habit to stick, it’s best to have a plan and some alternative options to transition to the new lifestyle. One of our favorite alcohol replacements is a THC-infused beverage like Olala cannabis soda. The full-spectrum cannabinoids still offer a light and buzzy high while the flavors of Blue Raspberry, Guava, Orange Cream, or Mango mean you don’t have to miss out on indulging. Put them on ice before you crack one open so they’re perfectly chilled. Mix them into a mocktail, drink them straight from the bottle, or pour over ice. The options are endless, and so are the benefits of switching from alcohol to cannabis drinks


So, as you find your way through 2022, consider the ways you might incorporate cannabis-infused drinks into your life. Whether it’s through self-care, generosity, creativity, to get healthy, or some other way, let cannabis sodas inspire you. Ready to grab your own marijuana drink? Find a dispensary near you. And as we always say – life’s better chilled, so put it on ice! 

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