You Could Benefit from Drinking a THC Beverage – Here’s Why

If you haven’t already, it may be time to try a cannabis beverage. Cannabis consumers come in all shapes and sizes, which means cannabis products must cover the gamut of desired experiences. For many, smoking cannabis – wrapped in legal red tape or restrictions from housing authorities – isn’t an option. For others, combustion isn’t the preferred consumption method. Auntie may be down to try cannabis to get a break from her persistent aches and pains, but she may not be down to toke. For this reason, non-smokeable products containing cannabis are an important part of the consumption ecosystem. If you’re someone who would like to consume cannabis but need options outside of the smokeable category, you could benefit from drinking a THC beverage. California cannabis drinks to the rescue! 


If you’re not new to cannabis consumption, then you’ve likely tried a few different products and now understand how different forms, potencies, brands, and methods can impact your high. If you’re just starting your journey or are still discovering new products and methods, then it’s important to know how each method will affect your experience. 


Olala Cannabis Beverages Help You to Microdose 


What are you trying to achieve with your cannabis consumption – if anything? Sometimes, when you’re ready to indulge in a cannabis product, the only intended outcome is to have a great time – which isn’t too complicated if you’re drinking an Olala THC-infused beverage. Simply twist the cap off your cold cannabis soda and enjoy. However, if you’re new to cannabis, are looking to microdose to decrease feelings of anxiety, or hoping to assist your body in reducing the sensation of tightness and tension, you may want to be a bit more strategic. 


A helpful time-tested cannabis-consumption mantra is “start low, go slow”. That means when you start with your minimum dose (start low), it’s best to allow it to fully take effect and be processed by your body without taking another dose (go slow). This process helps you to get a good understanding of how the method, the dose, and the circumstances impact your experience so you can gauge whether or not you’ve found the right combination – in preparation for next time. For most people who are new to cannabis, a starting dose of 5mg is a great place to start. For those who utilize cannabis regularly, 10mg+ hits the spot. 


So what does this have to do with the delicious Olala cannabis pop you’ve been hoping to try? First, cannabis-infused beverages are a great way to consume cannabis because of the easy process of micro-dosing. Simply note the total amount of milligrams in the container, then determine the dose you want. Divide the total amount by the desired amount and measure out your dose. For example, Olala sodas contain 10mg per bottle. If you’re looking to consume 2.5 milligrams, simply consume ¼ of the bottle and save the rest for later. 


Second, Olala sodas are infused with 10mg and 100mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids so consumers of all levels can enjoy the benefits of the entourage effect. With the convenient screw-top cap, you can drink the amount that works best for you, and save the rest for later. And with delicious flavors like Blue Raspberry, Guava, Orange Cream, and Mango, you’ll want to save every last drop. 


Faster Onset Means you May be able to Regulate Your Intake Better – Avoiding Paranoia


One major complaint from cannabis consumers is that edibles and smoking flower can sometimes lead to feeling paranoia. Typically, if you’ve found the right dose, this phenomenon shouldn’t occur. If you’re experiencing paranoia is most likely that you’ve overconsumed with a dose that is larger than what your body is comfortable with. With different products, strains, doses, infusion methods, and other variables, it can be tough to know how much you should take. But there’s a new option that can help you regulate your intake better, avoiding the overwhelming experience of paranoia. 


Infused cannabis beverages have a faster onset time than other forms of cannabis – especially edibles. That means that you won’t have to wait up to 2 hours before you feel the effects of your consumption of a marijuana drink. With a shorter turn-around time on your high, you can start low, go slow, and determine if you need more once the feelings set in. 


Although most people feel the effects of smoking pretty quickly, it can be tough to gauge how many puffs you should take to reach your desired high. A recent article from Insider revealed that cannabis has become more potent in the last few decades – as much as 10-20% stronger. You’re not smoking the same weed your dad did in the ’70s. With cannabinoid potency varying by strain, it’s no wonder it’s hard to gauge your intake.


If you’re out with friends puff-puff-passing the night away, you may feel obligated to continue toking past your ideal high. Thankfully, infused beverages take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to consume what makes you feel comfortable and save the rest for later. 


Cannabis Beverages are Discrete and Unassuming


There’s no question that cannabis consumption is still tough to do openly and safely across the United States. Although the stigma is slowly lifting, it’s still not ideal to smell like cannabis when you join a group of friends, family, or co-workers. Judging eyes are never a fun experience, and certainly not when you’re already well into your high. 


Save yourself the hassle from your conservative relative or judging co-worker by consuming your cannabis in a discrete and unassuming way – with an Olala cannabis soda. The absence of smoky residuals allows you to enjoy your consumption without drawing attention to yourself. It also opens the door to consume when and where you want to – without feeling like you need to hide or leave a social environment. For those who feel concerned about discretion, a THC beverage can be a huge benefit. 


At the end of the day, we want to empower everyone to love their life, love what they do, and love the people they serve. For many people, that means consuming cannabis and having access to options that not only feel right but elevate life in many aspects. Whether you’re looking for products that allow you to comfortably microdose, avoid paranoia, or consume with discretion, you could benefit from drinking a THC beverage. To find a dispensary that carries our delicious California cannabis drinks, click here

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