How to Gift Your Loved One a Cannabis Drink This Holiday

If shopping for Christmas and holiday gifts doesn’t give you level 100 anxiety, are you even doing it right? ‘Tis the season… to know the preferences of everyone you know. OR, is there a crowd-pleasing item that is secretly topping everyone’s list? You don’t have to be a cannabis enthusiast to want cannabis products for Christmas. According to a poll by Digital Third Coast, an astounding 92% of Americans polled think cannabis should be legal in some form. Pair that with a survey by Oracle resulting in 53% of people polled who plan on gifting cannabis this holiday, and we see a trend. People want cannabis! We don’t blame them- especially when cannabis is infused into a delicious cannabis soda. If you’re one of the many people hoping to give your loved ones a cannabis-infused drink, this is how you can gift a cannabis drink this holiday. 


Gifting a Cannabis-Infused Drink to a friend

If you’re looking to upgrade your friendship from buds to besties, gifting an Olala THC-infused soda is a pretty solid hand to play. Olala cannabis sodas come in 4 delicious flavors of Blue Raspberry, Guava, Orange Cream, and Mango so you can customize your gift to their taste. What? You don’t know their favorite flavors by now? Step up your friend game!

We think an excellent gift would be to pair one (or several) bottle(s) of Olala infused drinks with tickets to an upcoming concert/festival/music in the park and a gift card to their favorite food spot. What’s better than a pairing of cannabis, music, and food? We’ll wait. If the concert is in a venue that doesn’t allow outside beverages, look for an outdoor event that does. Not feeling the concert scene right now? Switch it up and plan a hiking day or other fun outdoor adventure. 


Because Olala infused beverages are discreet and re-sealable, you can bring your new favorite drink with you and your friend on an adventure without having to worry about alerting other people nearby or not being able to finish it in one sitting. 



Hooking the Family up with THC-infused beverages 

Your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and even grandparents are starting to hear more and more about cannabis and its potential to assist the endocannabinoid system. It may just be the right time to introduce them to a wonderful option for first-time consumption that doesn’t involve smoking. 


Create a gift basket complete with Olala infused sodas, their favorite snack, a board game or movie, and something festive and cozy. We suggest an activity or game that will cause laughter and fun over something that could cause fear or paranoia. Consuming cannabis with family should feel safe, fun, and enjoyable, so there is a higher chance of doing it again. This gift creates the perfect opportunity to make the holidays feel like they did when we were kids. 


Gifting a Cannabis Drink in a White Elephant Exchange with Co-workers


This one can be tricky. If you’re still working in an office (vs. being remote), bringing cannabis to an office holiday party could be taboo, or it could be totally normal, depending on your work setting. It would be wise to ensure it’s cool before you move forward with gifting cannabis-infused products around your superiors. Once you’re in the clear, it’s time to have some fun. 


Take your office humor up a notch with a pairing of Olala cannabis soda with a fun adult lunch box, a “desk blanket” for chilly offices, a funny daily quote calendar, or a gift card. Honestly, they’d probably love the gift card most, but you know, do what you think is best. There are many great ways to gift a co-worker on the SnackNation website. 


Surprising your Partner/Spouse/Boo with a Cannabis Soda


One of the perks of gifting your partner with cannabis-infused beverages is that you can get some for yourself to share. Take the time to think deeply and plan a fun date where you can enjoy the delicious flavors of Olala while you make a memory that you’ll look back on fondly. Pair a few bottles with other things you know they love. 


Check out our blog post on How to Pair our Tropical Flavors with Your Favorite Foods to plan a delicious dinner and then put on music to dance. Is your boo a beach babe? Pack a picnic for a day on the coast, soaking up the sun with a new beach bag or sand-proof towel from Sand Cloud. Your boyfriend/girlfriend more the indoor type? Make an indoor fort, complete with the latest movie (anyone up for Spider-Man No Way Home?), snacks, and your coziest (or skimpiest) PJs. 


Gifting a cannabis beverage doesn’t have to be complicated or paired with anything else. After all, the gift of euphoria from full-spectrum cannabinoids in the form of a delicious cannabis soda is pretty solid. It could be the boost a loved one needed to swap alcohol out for cannabis with their first dry January. There are many great reasons why making the switch is a great call – especially as the new year approaches. Plus, you (or the recipient of your gift) can start with a microdose and save the rest for later with the resealable cap. Each bottle contains 10mg – making it easy to drink a starting dose and throw the bottle in the fridge or cooler for later. 


No matter what you come up with for your loved ones this holiday, the recipient of your gift will surely feel like you’ve put some solid thought and effort into their gift when they receive a California cannabis drink. When paired with a few personalized items, a simple gift can turn into a day or evening of fun, laughter, and memories made with their favorite people or person (you, duh). Looking for more ideas on how to use your Olala soda? Check out our blogs and find a dispensary near you. Happy holidays from all of us at Olala.

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