How You Can Reduce your Alcohol Intake Without Giving up Your Nightlife

So, you’ve made it through the holidays. It’s about this time when you may be maxing out on the social/family gatherings and long, painful days of recovering from drinking (and eating) way too much. Aside from the joyful reasons to toss back a bev, it’s likely the small talk with distant relatives, the controversial topics, and explaining your life choices to people you only see once a year that required a strong drink… or five. We get it; some things are easier with liquid courage. However, if you’ve slipped into a habit of needing a drink to get through most things these days, it may be time to dial it back and reset. With the New Year approaching, it’s the right time to ditch the alcohol and grab cannabis drinks instead. Have no fear, and you can participate in Dry January without missing out on cannabis drinks with THC


January is the perfect month to reassess your habits around alcohol and participate in Dry January. Not only is it the start of a New Year with new resolutions and goals, but it’s the end of the holiday season filled with social events often accompanied by alcohol. If you’re experiencing back-to-back hangovers, a sluggish digestive system, brain fog, and weight gain, you may have your liquid friend to thank for that. But if you’re already starting to sweat thinking about dialing it back, don’t worry – you don’t have to give up your nightlife or endure razzings and unquenchable thirst to participate in Dry January. So let’s dive into how you can reduce your alcohol intake and still enjoy cannabis beverages without guilt.


What is Dry January


Dry January was started by an organization called Alcohol Change UK as a challenge to help people take their lives back from the grips of alcohol. As the organization puts it, “It isn’t about giving anything up. It’s about getting something back.” 


For many people, their habits around alcohol consumption started with occasional social gatherings and celebrations, but slowly crept into regular happy hours, work drinks, nightcaps, and more. Dry January offers participants a way to address those habits with a community of others doing the same. Some of the tips for success from Alcohol Change UK include disposing of (or removing) existing beverages from your home, finding your support system, and making a plan for when alcohol will be present – like having a THC-infused soda hand. More on that shortly.


You may be thinking, “I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t have a problem,” and that may be true. It may also be true that you’ve made alcohol a substantial part of your life or have started to rely on it to function, and you could benefit from a break. One way to learn more about the type of drinker you are is to take the drinking personality quiz. You can also check how healthy your drinking level is with the check your drinking tool. It can be dangerous for some who have been regularly consuming alcohol to stop abruptly. If you’re concerned about cutting back on alcohol safely, talk to your doctor first.


Substituting Cannabis Drinks in Place of Alcohol

If you’re ready to commit to a month (or more) without alcohol, you don’t have to miss out on your nightlife or the buzzy light feelings you get when you drink an alcoholic beverage. California cannabis drinks like Olala help remove alcohol from the equation but offer a way to feel euphoria without the hangover. Not only will you protect your brain from alcohol-related brain damage, but you’ll be actively supporting your endocannabinoid system with full-spectrum cannabinoids


Olala cannabis sodas come in four delicious flavors. Not only are they packed with flavor, but when combined with other ingredients, they can create delicious, one-of-a-kind mocktails. Try Blue Raspberry, Guava, Orange Cream, or Mango the next time you’re craving a beverage. The best part is that they don’t contain any alcohol but still leave you with a warm and positive sensation. Each Olala cannabis-infused drink comes with 10mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids known to deliver the entourage effect. The screw-top cap allows you to drink the amount you feel the most comfortable with and save any leftovers for later. 


The next time you’re heading over to chill with friends or hit the town after dinner, bring along your new favorite California marijuana drink to get the vibe right. With a beverage in hand, you won’t feel like the odd one out or have to ward off offers for a drink. 


Try a Mocktail That Uses Olala Cannabis Soda


If you need further convincing, we’re happy to leave you with one more reason to participate in Dry January. We love a good mocktail. If you’re deep into a ritual that includes alcohol, cutting it out full stop can feel like a challenge you can’t commit to – especially when the craving for a refreshing drink kicks in. Having a good recipe for an alcohol-free mocktail can help you keep your goals intact. We’ve created a recipe using an Olala THC-infused beverage, so you can enjoy the cannabinoids while tricking your mind into thinking you’re drinking a cocktail. We’ve had a little fun with the recipe to inspire you to take the bull by the horns in 2022. We hope you’ll have fun making it too.


Motivated Mango Mojito Mocktail



1 cup Olala mango soda

1 lime, quartered

6-8 Mint leaves

Soda or sparkling water

Extra mint and lime for garnish




  • Give your lime a good squeeze to let it know you’re the boss.
  • Then, put the mint in one hand and give it a spank to release its fragrant secrets. Add it to the lime juice and rinds. Then give it a gentle press with the muddler – because you’re not mad at it, just being playful.
  • Toss some ice cubes into a glass and give them a sweet bath of Olala Mango cannabis soda and the lime-mint mixture.
  • Top with sparkling water to taste and stir gently, but with intention.
  • Decorate the edge of your glass with mint and a lime wheel – cuz you deserve to feel fancy. 


Ready to kick off 2022 with a Dry January glass half full? Pick up a few bottles of Olala cannabis soda at a dispensary near you before the weekend or your next celebration. Cutting back on alcohol in January may just be the start of a new chapter – one that includes a healthier and happier version of you in 2022. 

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