How to Infuse your Holidays with Cannabis Beverages

Although the holidays are mostly clustered within the final week of the year, we’re granting you permission to bring your holiday cheer (and at least a few Olala cannabis sodas) to every festivity between Halloween and Valentine’s Day. As you celebrate your way through the coldest months of the year, amp up your celebrations with the euphoric high from a California cannabis drink


In years past, you may have had a hard time doing so discreetly enough to have a good time. Although those days are slowly slipping behind us, it sure feels good to have an option that’s discreet yet still as effective as toking up. Before you throw caution to the wind, there are still some best practices when it comes to sharing cannabis with your friends and family. Let’s talk about how you can infuse your holidays with cannabis beverages


Getting on the Same Page


First and foremost, when directly sharing any cannabis-infused beverages or products with others, they must be aware of the contents and potency of what they are about to consume. Consent is not just for getting frisky, you know. For everyone’s safety, have a conversation before serving any infused beverages. That way, they have the chance to make a choice for themselves and don’t feel tricked or lied to. 


Not only does this prevent a potentially dangerous situation from happening, but it also creates a moment to shed stigmas by having a great conversation about cannabis. Outdated stereotypes lose their validity and grasp by and through open, honest, and straightforward conversations. Being up-front also builds trust. We can’t expect our closest friends and allies to feel respected or comfortable with trying new things if we leave out some pretty crucial details. 


Not sure how to start the conversation or what to say when questions come your way? We’ve got you covered. Let’s start with “Do you want to try a cannabis soda? The whole bottle contains 10mg – so feel free to take it as fast or slow as your preferences allow.” To help, we’ve also compiled some FAQs you can check out, so you feel prepared to chat about the product. 


Bring a Cooler to Share – but Remember that Labels are your Best Friend


If you’re hanging out with a crew a little bigger than your inner circle, and you’ve brought Olala as a party favor (aren’t you a saint), you aren’t going to be able to have a conversation with every person who may want a cannabis pop. To remove any feelings of responsibility, consider labeling your cooler or container, so guests know your bright, colorful, mouthwatering soda is the special kind. Once the word gets out, you may become the VIP of the party. It’s also a good idea to ensure no children can reach these eye-popping drinks. 


Play Bartender


If you’re the kind of person who loves to introduce new music, restaurants, hiking locals, and surf spots to your friends and family, you’re likely “that gal/guy/person” when it comes to cannabis too. While you’re celebrating the season, take it upon yourself to play bartender and pour some cold ones for your crew. 


Just as a bartender may ask for preferences and explain the contents of their cocktail, so too can you dive into the juicy details of all four flavors of full-spectrum Olala THC-infused sodas. There are no wrong answers and many delicious possibilities with flavors like mango, blue raspberry, guava, and orange cream


Serve them up as is, or get creative by mixing your own cocktail creation. Just be sure you’ve been given the go-ahead on THC-infused beverages if you’re crafting concoctions for anyone but yourself. 


Give the Gift of Cannabis Soda


If you’re feeling generous and want to spread the holiday cheer with Olala, grab a couple of flavors and wrap them up for safe transport. Want a solid gift pairing? Our delicious drinks go well with several types of meat, berries, and snacks – so read up on the best pairings and make it a gift basket while you’re at it. 


If the lucky recipient is new to cannabis consumption, it doesn’t hurt to gift them a few resources as well. Like, a quick dosing guide or cannabis 101 resources from Leafly, what they might expect to experience with an infused-bev, the low-down on full-spectrum, and maybe even a handy link to help them find Olala at a local dispensary when they’ve sipped every last drop. There’s nothing like the gift of knowledge!


Make it a Date

You already know it’s cuffing season, so don’t skimp on the good times with your favorite cuddle buddy! Enjoy a date night with creative happy vibes from sipping on an ice-cold marijuana drink. Turn on the holiday classics, set the mood lighting, and dance like no one is watching (pull the shades because people probably are watching). 


Want to harness the creative juices flowing from the full-spectrum cannabinoids in your drink? Get some paper and something to draw/paint with, and go to town making happy accidents together. Those happy little trees will be a reminder of your fun night with Olala. If you’re still looking to get the giggles, pull out Twister! There are as many possibilities as the night is young! Bonus – when you spice up the night with a few bottles of Olala cannabis sodas instead of alcohol, not only will the conversation be lit and the creativity poppin’, but you won’t wake up with a raging hangover and yellow stains on your sheets. Holiday magic.

When it comes down to it, the holidays are the perfect time to enjoy California’s favorite THC-infused drink. Whether you’re sharing it with your circle, elevating the party, giving the gift of THC, or sharing a night in with your boo, Olala is the best cannabis drink to bring along for the vibe. Pick up a few bottles at a dispensary near you before your next ugly sweater party, and thank us later. Remember, while you’re staying out of the cold – life’s better chilled.

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