5 Reasons You Need Cannabis-infused Sodas At Your Next BBQ

Need Cannabis-infused Soda At Your Next BBQ

With summer just getting started and comes the ubiquitous summer barbecue. There’s no better way to enjoy the summer heat than kicking back and relaxing with your friends or family. While it may be hard to imagine how you could enjoy your summer BBQ we came up with some ideas that should help.

The Perfect Tropical Flavor Pairing

Looking to add a bit of a tropical twist to your summer recipes? Olala’s THC drinks are the perfect pairing for your get-together. Pair our tropical Mango THC craft soda with savory Hawaiian Kalua Pork or Ribs. Grilling up some burgers? Add a slice of grilled pineapple and enjoy it with our Guava flavored THC drink. More of a traditionalist? Pair the sweet taste of our classic Orange Cream Soda Olala with the salty flavor of hotdog or bratwurst. Looking for a vegan or vegetarian option? The fruity flavors of our Blue Raspberry perfectly compliment the flavors of grilled vegetables like a sweet vinaigrette.

Talking to Your Relatives Can Be A Serious Buzzkill

We all know that one of the toughest parts of family get-togethers can be family. This can cause some unnecessary stress and be a bit of a buzzkill when you are trying to enjoy yourself. Luckily, in these circumstances, our THC-infused sodas make for the perfect wingman. Twist off the top and take a sip and get transported to a faraway paradise. Just because you’re around high-strung people doesn’t mean you need to follow in step.

Too Much Booze is Never a Good Idea

If there is one thing that summer BBQs are never short of it is alcohol. Whether you’re sipping on a craft brew or drinking sangria it’s a good way to lighten things up. This being said sometimes it’s nice to switch it up a bit and reduce the amount of alcohol you’re consuming. An excess of alcohol can lead to unintentional inhibition and possibly a nasty hangover the next day if you’re not careful. Olala provides the perfect change of pace for this. Our refreshing THC drinks will leave you feeling light and relaxed and unlike alcohol possibly feeling better than you did before.

Something to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are few things as good as treating yourself to a frozen treat on a hot summer day. But What if we could make it even better? Making an Olala THC soda ice cream float is a great way to do that. Take a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream and pour your favorite Olala flavor over it. You’ll soon find yourself melting into your chair as you are transported to a faraway paradise.

Add a Little Aloha to Your BBQ

What better way to add a little Hawaiian style to your BBQ than adding the drink that was inspired by the Hawaiian way of life. Our Guava & Mango flavors are especially well suited for this and pairs perfectly with tropical vibes. Set the tone at your next summer BBQ with Olala and discover why Life’s Better Chilled.