• November 17, 2021

Cannabis Soda Brand Olala Comes to California

Olala cannabis-infused craft sodas first launched in 2015 in Washington state inspired by Lehua Brands’ Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Randy Reed’s (@marlin_rando) Hawaiian heritage and values of loving your life, what you do, and the people that you serve. In the early days of legalization, the cannabis industry was looking for the fastest route to consumers, creating drinks with THC added that failed to deliver a consistent flavor profile, carbonation, or potency in each bottle. With time or temperature changes, many drinks would see THC distillate separating from the water, creating a “crash-out”, or white ring along the surface of the beverage. This both looked unappealing as well as created an inconsistent flavor and potency depending on when it was enjoyed. 

Lehua created Olala branded full-spectrum drinks that utilized the latest science to solve these problems, respect the plant and make people feel great. Since its inception, Olala craft sodas have established Lehua and Randy as thought leaders and award-winner in the cannabis-infused beverage industry both for our amazing flavor profiles as well as our technological innovations aimed to deliver superior stability, carbonation, onset time, and efficacy.

Randy harnessed his background in pharmaceuticals and love of cannabis to patent processes that infuse full-spectrum, full-flower cannabis oils into soda and other drinks while still retaining the entourage effect and flavor profiles of true craft sodas. The result is products that allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids which naturally occur in the plant but lets the flavors shine without distraction. Olala’s high carbonation, short onset times, and Hawaiian-inspired flavors bring a consistent product that makes you feel amazing throughout and after enjoying. 


Growth to California

California has long been associated with the highest quality of cannabis products and standards. Lehua has partnered with leading California cannabis cultivators to marry the Lehua proprietary technology to high-quality cannabis to deliver a consistent beverage experience every time. With Olala and other beverage products to come, Lehua aims to delight consumers while promoting values of respecting the plant, loving your life, what you do, and the people you serve. 

Life’s Better Chilled with Olala and Lehua is bringing the chill to you across the Golden State. Experience the benefits and great flavors of full-spectrum craft cannabis soda from the Redwoods of San Francisco & the Bay Area to the beaches of Los Angeles & San Diego. Olala craft soda is the perfect addition to any leisure activity, to sip on the beach, for summer adventures, and to share with friends.


Where You Can Find It

Olala will be rolling out to select licensed cannabis retail stores and home delivery platforms across the state in the coming months. At launch, both the 10mg THC and 100mg THC potencies will be available, each in 4 delicious flavors of Orange Cream, Blue Raspberry, Mango, and Guava. If you click here you can use the store locator to find a store near you that sells Olala. Be sure to check out Olala’s website consistently for updates or subscribe to the newsletter to find out when Olala is hitting a fridge near you. 

Life’s Better Chilled! Please respect the plant and make sure to recycle.

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