How our Cannabis Beverages Compare to Smoking Marijuana

There are many ways to consume marijuana. While the most common method is through smoking or vaping, many users are finding other ways to enjoy the effects that cannabis offers. Olala’s delicious line of cannabis-infused drinks offers a tasty, safe, and effective alternative to smoking marijuana.

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How Smoking Works

Components of the cannabis plant are used to make marijuana, which can be consumed for medical or recreational use. The most popular way to consume marijuana is through smoking or vaping it. Inhaling marijuana smoke into your lungs allows the drug to quickly release into your bloodstream and travel to your brain, enabling most people to feel its effects more quickly than if you eat or drink it. Many users report decreased levels of chronic pain or anxiety when they use it. Studies suggest that THC, an active ingredient in marijuana, may relieve nausea, decrease inflammation, and slow tumor growth in cancer patients. However, there are risks to consuming cannabis by smoking. Frequently smoking marijuana can irritate your bronchial passages and lungs, leading to respiratory issues and increasing your risk of bronchitis and lung cancer.

How Olala Cannabis beverage works

Olala strives to find a better way to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana without the irritating side effects associated with smoking. We offer cannabis-infused sodas, sparkling waters, coffee, and other products that can be injected rather than inhaled. When you consume cannabis in an ingestible form, your liver metabolizes its THC, converting it to 11-hydroxy-THC. This active metabolite is incredibly effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, resulting in a more intense, long-lasting high. That’s why so many Olala users love our products!

Health Benefits from Cannabis

Marijuana is becoming more and more popular among medical patients to help treat a variety of conditions. Many people who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety disorders report feeling some relief from regular cannabis use; cannabis can help reduce inflammation, which is helpful for all kinds of conditions ranging from arthritis to glaucoma. Cancer patients experience reduced pain and increased appetite, making marijuana a helpful tool for keeping up strength during treatment. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, marijuana use can help you manage your symptoms and relax. While research is still ongoing, some findings even suggest that THC can help slow tumor growth in some cancer patients. If you are considering marijuana as part of your pain management treatment plan, consult with your doctor to determine an appropriate dosage.

Difference in Effects

Enjoying an Olala soda, sparkling water, or coffee will produce a different effect than smoking or vaping. Because our products are ingested rather than inhaled, the effects are slower to kick in – it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to feel any difference. However, the effects you feel from an ingestible product will generally last for several hours. Effects vary between products, but most consumers report stronger effects than they would receive through smoking or vaping. Our cannabis-infused drinks allow you to gradually sip until you find an effect that works for you.

Try Our Products Today!

If you are interested in trying one of Olala’s delicious cannabis-infused beverages, don’t hesitate to contact us. The experience will convince you that “Life is Better Chilled” and that it can be Aloha Friday any day. Visit one of our vendors today to try us for yourself!

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