How to Choose the Right THC Drink or Edible For You

With the crazy amount of cannabis products out there it can be difficult to separate the quality products from those you should leave alone. With this guide, you are sure to find a cannabis edible or cannabis drink that matches your style and speed.

Why Do You Want to Use THC?

The most important step before buying a THC product is deciding why you want to use it. For example, recreational and medicinal strengths vary widely. Additionally, certain combinations of cannabinoids are more beneficial for some uses than others.

If you are looking for a product that will provide you with therapeutic benefits and not just a high then it would be beneficial to go with a full spectrum variety rather than a product with just distillate. THC will most definitely get you high but it does not offer the panorama of benefits you can get from a full spectrum product. These added benefits can help with muscle relaxation, pain mitigation, and general stress reduction–part of what is often called the entourage effect. If you are looking for a straight-up head high then a potent THC distillate may be a good choice but it won’t come with some of the other full-spectrum benefits.

In What Form Do You Want it?

With the explosion in the popularity of cannabis and cannabis-related products, there have never been more options for how to take THC. There are hundreds of companies producing THC gummies and even more making THC edibles in the form of baked goods. Now with Olala, you can even take full-spectrum oil including THC in the form of a craft cannabis soda in a variety of tropical flavors that tastes great. If you are looking for a quick dose that you can take and just wait for the effects to hit then THC gummies are a great option for you. If you want to sit back and enjoy a relaxed THC high over an extended period of time then a THC soda like Olala’s Blue Raspberry craft soda is a great option. The ability to sip a drink and to control THC onset is a great benefit of beverages. It mimics the social aspect of alcohol and onset is gradual and more controllable.

How Much THC is in the Product?

When picking out a THC product like a cannabis soda or edible it is important to figure out how much THC is in the product. You want to make sure that you know the level of high you will be getting and that you are properly prepared for it. To relate it to alcohol there’s a difference between slamming shots at the bar and grabbing a couple of beers on a Saturday with friends. The same is true with THC levels. Many high THC products – often of the medicinal variety are not the best for casual use. If you are looking for a slight high and managed onset then going with a low THC dosage is a smart option. Make sure that you also check the product for serving size as you don’t want to take more than is recommended. Meter in the product and get to where you want to be with your experience. The Olala 10 mg dosage is perfect for this application.

For those who want the experience of a faster more mind-altering impact, Olala has also produced a 100mg option with the same great tropical flavor profiles. These dosage options allow cannabis enthusiasts to choose a high that is perfect for them and their chosen experience. After all, it’s always nice to have options.

Look for the Certifications

Since its legalization cannabis and cannabis products such as cannabis sodas have become much more regulated. While THC strength may vary a bit from the label from product to product the systems being used to regulate the strength are improving every day. This provides the benefit of being able to easily discern the level of THC or other cannabinoids found in cannabis products. Any compliant product will have extensive testing done for quality assurance. The end result of these tests is a document known as the Certificate of Analysis or COA. While usually not found directly on the product itself, it can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Often companies will also emblazon a seal of approval from a testing body that ensures the quality of the product. Look for these on the label to ensure you are consuming a product that meets the state-required standards for edibles.

If you follow these tips then you are sure to find a quality cannabis product that not only provides you with a superior high but one that fits your lifestyle.

Whatever you choose just remember – Life’s Better Chilled.

Photo Credit: Elsa Olofsson at CBD Oracle