How to Pair our Tropical Flavors with Your Favorite Foods

Olala is the perfect companion for any summer barbecue or a laid-back summer day, but what if we could make it better? Check out some of our favorite flavor pairings for our tropical flavored cannabis-infused drinks. Looking for the perfect meat pairing for Olala? We got you covered. Looking for a healthy option? We got you. We even have selected some of our favorite vegetarian options to pair with Olala. Drinkable weed has never been better and Olala fits the bill across the spectrum of food pairing options.

Meat Pairings

Chicken, pork, steak, oh my! If you can’t have your meal without double the protein, pairing our Guava flavor with your favorite protein is the place to start. It has a nice subtle flavor without being too overbearing or competing with the flavor of your favorite meat. Our Guava flavor would go great with simple yet meat-heavy items like a pulled pork sandwich, turkey flatbread, or Mediterranean chicken pasta where the meat is center stage and our Guava is there to compliment it.

A Healthy Alternative

Need something with a little bit lighter calorie load? Order your favorite Greek salad, avocado toast, or yogurt bowl and pair it with our Blue Raspberry flavored Olala. Blue Raspberry packs a little bit more of a zing and its bold taste can perfectly complement a food option with a mild or neutral flavor. With the raspberry notes, you can even pair Olala Blue Raspberry with a chocolate shake or coconut snack bites for those with a super sweet tooth. If you lean more towards the salty side, opposites attract by pairing our sweet Olala Blue Raspberry flavor with your favorite healthy salty snacks like rice crackers, veggies, and hummus, or salted nuts.

Pairing your Greens with Olala

Don’t forget about your veggies because we definitely didn’t! Some fun plant-based pairings that we love pairing with our Mango flavor include cauliflower tacos or Indian chickpea curry. Any food with mango as a highlighting ingredient such as a mango chutney or mango sauce can be replaced or enhanced with our Mango flavor. It would also pair well with a vegan cheesecake or coconut cream pie that both have light, island-inspired flavors to finish off a yummy vegetarian meal.
So take some time to cool off and enjoy your summer with the perfect Olala flavor pairing for you. You’ll find yourself transported to a tropical paradise right in your own home. Enjoy Olala with your favorite food pairings & remember Life’s Better Chilled.