• November 29, 2021

The Best Time of Day for a THC Beverage

THC drinks are on the rise, and for good reason. At Olala, we’re making great flavors and solid, full-spectrum formulations that let you feel elevated without the next-day hangover. Being a great alternative to alcohol is one of the many reasons people are making the switch to cannabis drinks- evidence of which can be seen in the numbers. The cannabis beverage market has experienced a 40% growth in 2021– and the craze is just beginning.  

If you’ve never tried a cannabis-infused drink, and you’re plotting the right opportunity, we have a few suggestions for the best time of day for a THC beverage. We’ve created high-quality, delicious cannabis sodas that pair perfectly with a variety of lifestyles and activities. Cannabis beverages are fairly new to the market, so let’s walk through some of the nitty gritty to ensure you don’t get too blitzed on your first try… unless that’s what you’re going for. 


Getting Started with Cannabis Beverages

Before you start slingin’ them back, let’s lay the basic foundation for a good time. If you’ve just begun your journey into the world of weed, it’s in your best interest to sip on your Olala beverage and wait until you start feeling the smooth, euphoric effects of the full-spectrum cannabinoids setting in to determine how you’re feeling and if you should consume more. 

Olala utilizes nano-particle technology to disperse cannabinoids in a delicious carbonated soda. The cannabinoids present in each drink are absorbed by your system faster than the time it takes traditional edibles to kick in – commonly 1–2 hours. The smooth high from your THC-infused soda will typically kick in within 15 to 20 minutes of your first sips. 

To avoid feelings of paranoia or social-anxiety, the motto “low and slow” goes a long way. Enjoy the ride before popping your next bottle. Unlike beer, Olala is a fizzy, sweet, gluten-free way to enjoy a refreshing mood-altering beverage without the nasty side-effects.


If You’re An Experienced Cannabis Consumer

If you’re an avid, life-long, can’t even remember the “first time” you tried the greens kinda person, cannabis infused drinks are an awesome way to change up your typical consumption methods. Want to level-up your smoke sesh? Don’t worry about the cotton-mouth, or that burn in the back of your throat. Reach for that ice cold, grade A, tropical island flavor. At 10mg per bottle, drinking an Olala cannabis soda allows you to start with a relatively standard dose that most people can enjoy without feeling too high. Then titrate up as you see fit.

Whatever your experience level might be, we’ve got you covered. Olala beverages are a great option regardless of how often or how much you typically consume. So, let’s get back to the question – when is the best time of day to drink a California cannabis drink?


In the Early Afternoon

If the whole crew is out drinking alcohol on their day off but you’re not too stoked about a booze-filled day, swap out your 6-pack for a case of Olala. Day-drinking turned night caps sound fun in theory… until you’re waking up to a hangover alarm clock – a true symphony of sounds and smells. 

It’s tough to coast through a day of binge drinking without getting seriously impaired. Getting drunk too early in the day will likely lead to an early night and kill the rest of the day’s possibilities. Because Olala offers a full-spectrum experience, a balanced, mellow high will help uplift the day so you can stay present, rally with the best of them, and elevate your mood without sacrificing your liver to the alcohol gods. 


In the Late Afternoon and Evening

Substitute the standard happy hour by grabbing a few cannabis drinks with 420-friendly coworkers. The smooth high from an Olala soda is perfect for late afternoon and evening consumption and will give your tastebuds a boost when you’re ready to grab some grub. 

Rather skip after-work socializing and head straight home? Grab some Olala before you hit the taco truck on your way there. We hear our flavors, Blue Raspberry, Guava, Orange Cream, and Mango pair really well with al pastor. 

Maybe you just need to shoot the sh*t with your besties and vent about your day. Turning your frustrations into a creative sesh. A community Olala session will hit just right. Full-spectrum cannabinoids support your endocannabinoid system and improve cerebral blood-flow(CBF) to your brain’s central lobe. This area of the brain is where creative divergent thinking (AKA brainstorming and creative problem-solving) happens. And fascinating research out of the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, suggests that your boost of creativity after consuming cannabis isn’t just “in your head”…. But it is in your brain… It’s science! 


In the Late Night

Keep the vibe right by bringing Olala to your next social celebration. Sharing is caring, and what says “I care about you, friend” more than the balanced and uplifting delight that is cannabis soda. There’s nothing quite like chasing the sunrise with a bunch of old friends, paired with a helpful boost of cannabinoids. 

Drinking cannabis beverages makes for a great low-key night at home, too. Better for you than your traditional nightcap, you won’t be feeling drunken remorse. Sneak into the kitchen and whip up some snacks to satisfy your munchies while you scroll through Netflix. 

By drinking a THC beverage rather than breaking out the bong, your downstairs neighbors will thank you for keeping the sweet smell of those funky purps at bay. No smoke = no smell = no hassle.

At the end of the day, there’s no wrong time to drink your Olala infused pop. It’s really about whatever time works best for you. Be present. Do you. Enjoy life and a cold cannabis-infused Olala. Because life’s better chilled, you know?

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