The Science Behind Olala

The Traditional Issue with Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages are nothing new. As long as cannabis has been legal companies have been creating beverages that try to harness the benefits of cannabis in beverage form. Even before legalization people were making cannabis drinks such as marijuana tea by steeping the leaves in water. These primitive formulas, however, were THC-focused and often the resulting concoction tasted like soggy weed.

The challenge with cannabis-infused beverage products is that it is difficult to maintain the naturally occurring benefits of marijuana and to also fully remove the bitter marijuana taste resulting from the natural terpenes in the plant. Removing the terpenes (which deliver the flavor and aroma of marijuana but create bitter flavors) through conventional extraction technologies can remove up to 30% of the core plant signature & associated full-spectrum benefits. These inferior extraction techniques result in inconsistent or undesirable flavor profiles and remove 30% of the compounds that nature intended to deliver. At Olala we have found a solution to this. Olala’s patented terpene extraction technology removes virtually all the terpene flavors and aroma while keeping 99.9% of the other compounds. This terpene-free beverage delivers superior flavors and taste while delivering the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis oil.

How we extract Terpenes

At Olala we use our proprietary technology to produce what is known as Phenotech Terpenes. This allows us to minimize cannabis flavor & aroma in our products while maintaining the full spectrum benefits of the original plant.

Phenotech starts with freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis flowers. These are frozen to preserve the hundreds of natural compounds in the plant and to avoid the degradation that occurs the moment the precious plant is harvested. Once the extraction process is started the plant is thawed in preparation for our patented terpene extraction process. The plant is then put through a process that extracts 99% of the plant’s signature while removing the cannabis aroma & flavor. The resulting cannabis oil is nearly identical to the original plant and has its THC, CBD, CBN and other compounds retained in their naturally occurring proportions. We call this organic replication the absence of chemovar drift.

How we Create our Flavors

Our goal at Olala is to provide you all the benefits of marijuana without the taste or aroma of cannabis. Our THC drinks taste delicious because the emulsified cannabis oil has zero terpenes and can be formulated to deliver the intended flavor profiles of guava, mango, orange creme, or blue raspberry through our secret flavor formulations which combine natural flavors and our proprietary blends. Our cannabis beverages taste exactly as they would without the cannabis oil because the emulsified cannabis oil itself has no flavor.

The orange creme tastes like an orange crush with a creamsicle finish. The mango tastes like freshly harvested mango. Besides the authentic flavors, as a result of our technology, the product contains the complete suite of organic cannabis compounds- a full spectrum experience. The resulting flavors and “high” are unique to the Olala experience. Try one today to chill out. You will never go back to other cannabis beverages.