Why Cannabis Drinks Are on the Rise

The cannabis ohana has one thing in common: our love of cannabis. But, that doesn’t mean we all like to consume weed in the same way. While some sistahs and brahs stick to the classic method of smoking flower, some stay away from burning a joint or taking a dab, preferring edibles, tinctures or even lotion to rub onto the skin.

Data from cannabis data analytics, Headset, shows Californians are exploring new ways to consume cannabis. According to 2015 findings, 33% of California cannabis consumers prefer edibles over any other consumption method, even cannabis flower. Believe it or not, cannabis drinks didn’t even have their own category in studies until a few years after this study was conducted. They were at first wrapped in with edibles, but since then, cannabis drinks have their very own category.

As a matter of fact, cannabis drinks are making Pe’ahi-sized waves in the cannabis space. Since 2020, sales of cannabis-infused beverages have risen by 40%, increasing just a bit faster than the cannabis market as a whole. Cannabis drinks generated $95.2 million in sales during 2020 across California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state. 

Cannabis drinks have even received more and more recognition in cannabis competitions like The Emerald Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

We believe an increased interest in cannabis-infused beverages is due in part to their better-for-you health benefits, and how easy and tasty they are to consume. Not to mention, THC drinks are a great alternative to alcohol because you can still be social and feel elevated without a looming, inevitable hangover the next day.


Cannabis drinks are better for you

Olala’s craft cannabis sodas can be a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks and soda. Though our sodas aren’t necessarily a “health drink”, Olala’s cannabis drinks use cane sugar over fake sugars, and don’t use artificial flavors like you might find in other drinks. Artificial sweeteners can be even worse for you than cane sugar, believe it or not. Plus, Olala’s drinks contain less cane sugar than traditional sodas and even some alcoholic drinks. 

Even if cane sugar isn’t your vibe, it’s your body’s endocannabinoid system that will thank you for enjoying cannabis drinks. The endocannabinoid system is made to receive cannabinoids like THC which is why in different forms and doses, cannabis can help us sleep, relieve stress, relax our muscles, and so much more. 

While cannabis is shown to contain less carcinogens than cigarettes, and smoking weed doesn’t appear to increase your risk of lung cancer, any amount of smoke can be irritating to the lungs for people with asthma. Cannabis-infused sodas like Olala craft sodas offer an alternative, smokeless way to consume your weed. 


Cannabis-infused sodas are super convenient

Melted cannabis-infused chocolate or gummies in the hot California sun? We hate to see it. Edibles can be a tricky product to store if you don’t take care of them properly. That’s why drinks are considered an easier way to consume cannabis edibles. 

Olala’s cannabis beverages are stored in glass bottles and can be refrigerated or stored at room temperature until you’re ready to consume. The glass bottles preserve the cannabinoids and you obviously don’t have to worry about the product melting. 

Drinks like the Olala 10mg THC cannabis sodas are dosed in a way that you can enjoy the entire bottle without the worry of over consuming. With some edibles like chocolates, you can easily find yourself in a situation where chocolate breaks unevenly and you get a larger or smaller dose than you want. If you’re eating a homemade edible, each piece could contain an inconsistent dose of cannabis because the oil might not be evenly mixed with the rest of the ingredients. 


THC drinks are more discreet

Not only are they easy to transport and consume, cannabis drinks are incredibly discreet. Since you’re not having to light up a joint or pull out a dab rig, there’s absolutely no smoke or smell that would make people think you were consuming cannabis (except your possibly droopy eyelids).

Drinks offer a certain amount of discretion that allow you to let people in on the sesh or keep them out depending on where you are. All of the places that you wouldn’t be able to consume cannabis like the movie theater, the park, a family gathering or a shopping center are now open to the possibility of getting high on your terms. 

With no clouds of smoke or overpowering smell, you can have your cannabis and drink it, too.


Technology helps THC drinks taste great

When you think of cannabis edibles, it might be homemade brownies or cookies that come to mind. You might also be thinking of THC syrups or tinctures that have an ultra-bitter aftertaste that leave your palette in a total mess.

These products tend to taste terrible because either the cannabis extract is inconsistently distributed throughout them or the potency of the product isn’t taken into account when they are formulating the flavors and ingredients used in the product. 

If the product is unevenly distributed, it might lead to people eating a higher dose than expected, resulting in not-so-pleasurable experiences that start with a long period of feeling nothing and end with the feeling way too high. Luckily, technology has made these problems a thing of the past with companies like Olala creating infused drinks which are tastier than ever before, and still consistent in their effects on consumers. 


Find the chillest cannabis drinks in California

At Olala, we believe life is better chilled. Our drinks are better like that, too. Discover what all the fuss is about by trying a cannabis drink for yourself.

Olala cannabis sodas are available throughout California across dozens of dispensaries. Find us in four different flavors in Sacramento, San Francisco, Vallejo, San Jose, Blythe, and Canoga Park.

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