• November 29, 2021

Why Cannabis Drinks Are Your New Favorite Edible

Let’s get real for a hot second. There’s nothing like the first sip of a cold cannabis soda after a long hard day, week, rush hour… or really at any time ever – but, even more so after your 6th email from Deb in HR about adjusting your schedule *sigh*. If you haven’t yet discovered the magic that comes from bubbly infused cannabis drinks, you’re in for a freakin’ treat and a seriously enjoyable high. There are many reasons why cannabis beverages should top your list of favorite ways to consume cannabis, but we’re happy to spell a few of them out. Here are our top 5 reasons why a cannabis drink like Olala will be your new favorite edible. 


1. Cannabis drinks with THC have a higher rate of absorption and faster onset than solid edibles

Aside from the obvious benefits of quenching your thirst while you elevate your mood, one of the major benefits of cannabis drinks is that they’re made with nano-particle THC. The science behind nano-particle THC isn’t as complex as it may seem.  As Mashable puts it, by decreasing the size of the particle through a process called emulsification, cannabinoids like THC become easier to dissolve in liquids. This allows it to absorb faster into the tissues in our digestive tract, stomach, and liver. 

When you have a beverage like Olala, you won’t have to wait hours to feel the effects. You’ll be surfing the therapeutic waves of full-spectrum cannabinoid euphoria within about 20 minutes.


2. THC-infused soda is great to consume socially

Not all types of cannabis consumption methods are great for social spaces or events. Edibles are great… if you have time or the foresight to plan out your consumption with the window of time you intend to feel the effects. Sure, you could have one or two pieces, but what if you want to enjoy more than a few bites? 

With restrictions varying by city, venue, and dwelling, smoking or vaping may be restricted too… and NGL, you’d be SOL on your sesh if you were relying on that as an option. Instead of missing out entirely, or waiting 2+ hours for your special brownie to kick in, you could grab one of the best California cannabis drinks on the market… *ahem* Olala.  



Marijuana-infused drinks like Olala have a faster absorption rate than solid edibles. Many people can drink more than one without fearing the unpredictable outcomes of solid edibles. At 10mg of THC per bottle, you can sip to extend the onset and timeframe of your high, or drink the whole thing with room to feel more. Plus, with the fast-acting nature of THC-infused beverages, you won’t have to wait and guess how it will make you feel in a few hours.

With flavors like Blue Raspberry, Guava, Orange Cream, and Mango, you have plenty of options for you and your friends – no one is stopping you from mixing and matching. Packed with full-spectrum cannabinoids, you’ll feel as free as a high-flying Nēnē on the beaches of Hawaii. Well, that may be a stretch, but you will feel a wonderful high with tropical island vibes from our delicious flavors.


3. Marijuana drinks are a tasty alternative to alcohol

No one likes a hangover. No one. Not even our most gung-ho drinking friends would pick a hangover over feeling great. As you get older the hangovers get worse and it can sometimes take days to feel restored. We may poke fun at our friends who are feelin’ rough and have to make a pit stop at Bush Avenue in Vom Town, but the truth is that it sucks for everyone and kind of puts a damper on next day brunch outings. 

Whether you’re looking to cut back on alcohol for a little break, to kick an addiction, for gut health, to support a friend in a 12-step program, to have fewer hangovers, to reduce the risk of an accident, to reduce the risk of alcohol poisoning, to reduce the number of depressants you put in your body… (should we go on?) to save relationships, to save your skin from damaging toxins, to have better energy levels, to reduce the occurrences of brain-damaging embarrassing blackouts, or to reduce the risk of death… any and all of those reasons are legitimate common-sense reasons to switch from alcohol to a cannabis-infused drink. There are better and safer ways to get your drink on without getting your drunk on

Switching to a cannabis soda allows you to have a great time while avoiding nearly all the downfalls of alcohol.  It also provides a slew of benefits.  

  • There’s no risk of cardiac arrest-induced death from overconsumption (although we suggest consuming a reasonable amount for best results*).
  • Cannabis sodas allow you to be part of the party without feeling hassled to drink booze.
  • You’re actually supporting your endocannabinoid system instead of harming your organs and brain with alcohol.
  • You can multi-task by quenching your thirst whilst getting elevated (goodbye cotton mouth!).
  • Cannabis drinks allow you to enjoy a high that inspires creativity and introspection.

You can feel good about your gut while you indulge in a vegan, gluten-free alternative to many gluten-filled alcoholic beverages.

4. Cannabis beverages
are convenient

We have no hate for lighting up or for snacking on an edible. It’s how many of us developed our love for cannabis and is very much a part of the culture of consumption. However, it may not always be convenient to toke on a fat backwoods blunt, torch a 3-foot rig, hand out pocket-warmed gummies, or cut up a chocolate bar while you’re out with friends, you know? 

There are a lot of ways that other modes of cannabis consumption can be inconvenient, but we can’t think of many ways that a cannabis-infused soda would be. Sometimes you need something you can crack open and enjoy at a moment’s notice. Maybe you’re looking for something delicious to pair with your meal. Or you want something that’s more discreet than smoking. We’ve got you covered. No for real, how can you go wrong with an ice-cold THC-fueled bev?


5. California marijuana drinks are a great chaser to your smoke sesh

This one is for the experienced cannabis crowd. You’re no pink-lung, and you’ve had your fair share of edible stories that start with “Nah, I don’t feel it… I’ll just have another piece”. At this point, you know what your body can handle and how to get there. For this crew, a crisp bubbly Olala cannabis soda is the perfect chaser for your smoke session. 

There is something special about the feeling of a smoke high paired with a cannabis pop. Fizzy carbonation helps your body absorb cannabinoids, and fights off cottonmouth at the same time. It’s a win-win and allows you to cross-consume cannabis without throwing alcohol into the mix. I mean, if you aren’t drinkin’ Olala where you at?!

Look, we know you have a lot of options- especially in California, and it’s high time you try them out. While you’re at it, grab yourself and your friends some delicious Olala infused craft beverages. It’s the best way to give your tastebuds a spank, while your mind gives thanks. 


*Note: If you have cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), you should not consume products with cannabis in them. 

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