• November 17, 2021

Why Life’s Better With A Weed Drink

The drudge of everyday life is sometimes difficult to accept. Let’s face it. You are working too hard for too little pay. It’s time to take a vacation and get away from it all. Even if you can’t get the time off or afford to take a trip to warm island beaches, you can bring the relaxing island breeze of Hawaii right to where you are. The tropical flavors of mango, guava, orange cream, and blue raspberry infused with 10mg or 100mg of THC delivers a craft cannabis beverage which is unparalleled among tropical drinks.

Olala’s bottled slice of island life can help you to relax and kick back. Ideas of a beach surrounded by ocean vistas, wildlife, and island winds are sure to fill your mind and help you chill out. Life is better chilled. Olala’s cannabis soda is the craft cannabis beverage designed to do just that.


Best In Class

As pioneers of the growing THC industry, Olala’s Chief Science Officer Rand Reed and CEO Doug Berchtold have brought together their expertise to produce the leading premium THC Drink. With Reed’s extensive experience in THC product formulation and the patented PhenoTech technology, Olala’s tropical drinks are the premier craft cannabis soda. Olala is  formulated to be the most flavorful, satisfying high-quality THC drink for California’s discerning cannabis edible enthusiasts.


Bring the Island Beach Home

The rich combination of cannabinoids and terpenes infused into Olala’s tropical-flavored soda are perfect for at-home kickback time and also lend themselves for use in island party drinks for social gatherings. With Olala’s craft cannabis beverage, you can turn that summer heat into a tropical breeze with a luau in your backyard or experience that oceanside feeling while reading a book in your beach chair. No matter your favorite aspect of Hawaii beaches, a bottle of Olala is sure to bring the experience of it all into the palm of your hand.


Olala Aloha

Family occasions with alcohol can be fun but everyone has had bad experiences with an aunt or uncle who drank a little too much. Lose the liquor and bring Olala instead. Bring the family together with a THC-induced mellow night and get along for a change. The beachfront feeling can be just the thing adults in the family need to relax and let go of life’s stress. So light up a bonfire, get the munchies ready, and open up an ice-cold Olala for everyone involved(ages 21 and up). Craft cannabis beverages take the pressure off the conversation and lighten up the mood with family and friends, even if you’re the only one drinking it.

Olala’s soda qualities are great for already established uses with a THC twist. Fuel the family barbeque with a dash of guava or mango; Mellow out the alcoholic cocktails with blue raspberry or orange cream soda; or just maximize the amount of sweetness in that ice cream float desert with your favorite flavor. The possibilities are infinite.

Weed Drink

Spoonful of Hawaii

Medical marijuana patients can supplement their cannabis regiment with a trip to the beaches of Hawaii. Olala can become a staple way for medical marijuana users to avoid the harmful effects of the smoke produced by smoking cannabis flower. Olala’s use of PhenoTech technology to extract extremely pure levels of cannabinoids and terpenes is a safe and effective method to provide THC enriched products. The edible form of Olala allows much more of the cannabinoids and terpenes to remain bioavailable when ingesting than lighting cannabis flowers on fire. It also presents no harmful effects like the heated smoke of burning flowers can cause to the throat and lungs.

The edible nature of Olala also guarantees there is no compromise in either the high or medical benefits of the entourage effect. Olala is a delicious, effective, and safer alternative to smoking that packs the tropical atmosphere of Hawaii into the bottle as well.


Where can I get it?

At this writing, Olala is available across 50 different stores in California and available to California residents ages 21 and up to order online for delivery. Check out the Olala website for the latest store locator or Weedmaps for the location nearest you. Olala aims to fill the shelves of many more stores across California and to expand into other THC legal states in the coming months.

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